Our website and cookies
Our website uses cookies. We advise you to accept cookies to increase the usability of your visit and to remember your settings and preferences. It is possible that the website will not function correctly if you do not accept cookies. A cookie can be picked up during a later visit to the same site. The cookie cannot be read by a different website to the one that made it. We do not store any personal data through you storing our cookies and no single cookie contains information whereby you can be contacted via telephone, e-mail or post.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer or mobile device via your Internet browser. We make use of session-cookies that are void after your visit and permanent cookies that recognize when you visit again. These cookies are used to enhance your website visit and to remember your settings and preferences, so that you do not need to refill information every time. They are also used to anonymously follow and measure the search behavior of our website visitors (see also ‘Google Analytics’) or to advertise relevant content (see also ‘Google AdWords/Doubleclick’).

Managing your cookie settings
It is possible to change your Internet browser settings to not allow cookies to be placed or to warn you whenever a cookie is saved. This will effect the working of our website and may result in incomplete functioning of certain parts of the website. Cookies are stored on your computer and you will need to update your settings per browser and per computer. You can find out more information in the help menu of your Internet browser.

We do not collect personal information
Cookies are stored on your own computer and improve the usability of your visit. The details stored are anonymous and are not used to store personal information. No cookie contains information that can lead to contact with you via telephone, e-mail or post.

First Party Cookies
First Party Cookies are cookies placed by the domain (the visited website). These are cookies that the Dropayment website stores on your computer. Dropayment uses functional cookies that are always placed during your visit. Below is a summary of the possible cookies placed by the Dropayment website:

Origin Description Cookie name Lifespan
Dropayment A single session cookie used to remember settings during your website visit (e.g. for filling in forms). ASP.NET_SessionId Till end of visit (session)
  Your preference for cookie placement. cc_cookie_decline 1 year
cc_cookie_accept 1 year
Google Analytics Cookies used by Google Analytics for collecting anonymous visitor statistics used to enhance the website and usability. _utma 2 years
_utmb Till end of visit (session)
_utmc 30 minutes
_utmz 12 hours


Third Party Cookies
Third Party Cookies are placed by third parties through a related part of the Dropayment website such as a YouTube video or a social media button. These cookies are placed by other parties that Dropayment uses for services. Dropayment has no control over which cookies are placed. If you choose to not accept cookies, the Dropayment website will not place cookies. Below is a summary of the cookies that could be placed by the Dropayment website:

Origin Cookie name Description
DoubleClick Id, test_cookie, _drt_ Cookies used for direct banners and adverts. For example to keep track of adverts shown to you and to ensure that you are not shown irrelevant advertising.
Google+ (Google Plus One) HSID, SSID, APISID, SAPISID, BEAT, PREF, SID Google+ cookies are placed by Google+. These cookies keep track of things like clicks on social media buttons.


Google Analytics
A cookie is placed by the American company Google, via our website, as part of the ‘Analytics’ service. We use this service to keep track of and create reports on how visitors use our website. Google may share this information if legally obligated to do so, or if third parties process the information. We have no influence over this.  The information about your use of the website (including your IP-address), which is generated by the cookie is captured by Google and saved on servers in the USA.

Third Parties
Third parties may also place cookies via our website, like with YouTube videos etc.

More information about Dropayment and privacy can be found in our Privacy Policy.